Dental Purchasing Solutions

Dental Purchasing Solutions (DPS) is a company based in Canada that has been established since 2011. The objective for developing DPS is to create a network to connect the vendor products with the clinic’s needs, at the best possible price. This is achieved by pursuing multiple vendors and selecting the best value, while taking advantage of the weekly promotions that become available. The process of seeking numerous vendors maintains the low cost of products in this difficult and changing economy.

DPS is committed to working on your behalf to identify cost saving solutions. We are equally committed to fostering opportunities for our vendor partners. This synergy promotes a sustainable growth model for both independent practices and DPS vendor partners. Working together allows us to achieve greater results.

Purchasing Made Easy

DPS have secured exclusive deals with vendors to maintain locked pricing for items on an annual basis, that way you know exactly what you are spending.

The relationship DPS has with the vendors will provide the ability to advocate for your purchasing and connect you with equipment, both small and large. You will be advised on the best cost and equipment, allowing for an informed decision prior to purchasing.

At the end of each month, DPS will provide a purchase report for you to evaluate. This will give you the ability to view where your dollar is spent, thus allowing you to adjust your spending based on budgetary needs.

Purchasing can be a lengthy process. Allowing DPS to complete your purchase requests will free up your staff for patient related duties.

When you become a member of DPS, you will have a connection to a network of clinics. This gives you the benefit of communication between practices.

We look forward to having you join the Dental Purchasing Solutions family.

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